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Today’s world is changing rapidly into a digitally connected world. People and businesses are connecting and interacting differently. The gap between face-2-face and digital engagement is disappearing. B&D and Uchrony have well understood this, and therefore decided to join forces. Combining expertise and delivery credibility in these domains, allows us to set-up end-to-end solutions for our customers. Such missions typically start from process and customer journey definition, followed by collection and use of customer insights to come to optimization of customer (digital) experience. We do so via combining technological components that create valuable end-to-end digital engagement solutions.

Understand your customers and the unique journey they are in while engaging with you.
We use customer experience management as a lever for optimization of digital interactions, adding successful web applications on top that nurture customer interest and increase revenue.

If you do not have digital presence today, you do not exist. We help you to connect or engage with your customers via the appropriate technologies: Website, Mobile App, Social Media, Internet of Things, ...

Data are the fuel of your business. We track and analyse data for creating insight and value and help you defining and monitoring the real goals and KPI’s of your digital activities.

In the digital world, relations and engagements between persons become more important than the traditional, anonymous “B2B” or “B2C” approach. The tendency is to communicate and engage based on one to one personalization to enhance the customers’ engagement with the organisation.

At all times it is important to keep track of all relevant (internal and external) customer information. A key element is the tracking of the customers’ interactions over all channels to create an omni-channel 360° view on the customers and their intentions. It is important that all channel platforms are interconnected, and that interaction information is captured in real time where possible (especially within the digital channels).

Based on the enriched 360° customer insight, customer experience can be optimized through the use of digital technologies, analytics and Next Best Offer – Next Best Action approaches.
Every single contact should be seen as a moment of truth, an opportunity to engage and build up the relation with the customer!

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