Uchrony (div. of Business & Decision)



In our ever more connected world, customers are contacted through multiple channels every hour of each day. They connect to websites, use mobile apps, receive messages, etc. In this mass of information, it is key to define the right message that will catch the customer’s attention in real time, and convince him to act upon it. That is what we call the Four Rights Rule: the right message proposing the right product via the right channel and at the right time in the customer’s personal lifecycle and journey.

By profiling your customer personae, you can gradually optimize and personalize offerings & related communications in line with the customer’s intentions.

A sensible definition of personae starts from in depth Customer Analytics.


The Four Rights Rules’ outcome is of course not carved in stone. Today, it is difficult, even impossible, to know upfront what is going to work and what will not. That is why once our Customer Engagement strategy is defined and operationalized, the offerings, actions and dialogues need to be monitored carefully and their actual results measured continuously. Who opened an email, who clicked on a banner, what are successful flows? Who connected, to do what, when and why?

Only through thorough monitoring and measurement, will we be able to constantly adapt communications/solutions, to follow the changes of the market and of customers’ behaviours and interests.